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I love baking early in the morning. The quiet and calm of measuring the ingredients relaxes me. I love watching the butter melt, regulating the temperature of the milk to make sure it’s not too hot for the yeast, and then watching the glossy, buttery, rich sweet dough come together. Dough rising on the counter top, and other ingredients tempering in anticipation of what’s to come; it's fun knowing that in about an hour and a half I will have two dozen perfect, warm, cinnamon rolls to box up and get out. I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty awesome way to start my mornings.
My name is Chris Meyer. I am the owner and creator of Christy Marie's Cinnamon Rolls. My father gave me the nickname 'Christy Marie' when I was a little girl in Kentucky. I went back to those Southern roots for choosing the company name and for developing my favorite cinnamon rolls. Southern food has always been wholesome and comforting to me, especially my own warm cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven!
I never lost my love of Southern food, even though it has been years since those days in Kentucky. I moved to Chicago to become a chef after getting a degree from the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts in St. Augustine, FL. I spend time perfecting my recipes, baking cinnamon rolls and sharing a bit of my home with family and friends. It's my cinnamon rolls that are a hit with everyone, I'm bringing them to you in Chicago by special order.


5 stars - "Fresh and in a beautiful box!"

Sara P, Written on December 10, 2012

I read in TimeOut! about the best cinnamon rolls in Chicago and I was just waiting for the perfect occasion to order them. I had a Holiday Brunch this past weekend and placed my order for a dozen. They were delivered to my house that morning, fresh and in a beautiful box.
The presentation had nothing on the taste, though! I can confirm that these are FAR better than any cinnamon roll made at Ann Sather or anywhere else I have tried. They weren't too sweet or dense, but perfect! The cream cheese icing was a perfect compliment and I'm dying to know how she does it.
All my friends tried to eat just half, but we all ended up eating a whole one. As for me, I had two! And they're all asking me where I got them... Now we just have to wait for Christy Marie to start shipping and your holiday gifts will be done!

5 stars - "Best Cinnamon Rolls on Earth!"

Nancy S, Written on October 15, 2012

Best Cinnamon Rolls on Earth! Rated #1 by Time Out magazine, & once you bite into one you'll know why!
So far, you have to order them in advance. Just go to her website. You won't be disappointed!
This morning, I ordered them for my office. I served them at 9AM. Now, it's 4:40 & everyone is still talking about them.

5 stars - "Absolutely incredible!!"

Jill S. From Chicago (Loop)

"Oh my goodness, the reviews are not even close to describing how amazing your cinnamon rolls taste!!"


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$36 + tax per dozen + delivery
*Pickup and delivery downtown Chicago and immediate surrounding areas only. Delivery fee varies by location.