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Time Out Chicago   "Chicago's Best Cinnamon Roll"

$36 + tax per dozen + delivery

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Time Out Chicago  "Wandering through a recent Nite Market, we came across Christy Marie's Cinnamon Rolls, available only by placing a special order with Chris Meyer. We were taken with the rich dough, the nuances of the cream-cheese icing (which has not only tang but plenty of vanilla), and most of all, the rolls' dark, cavernous swirl of spice. These rolls had everything, but special order them? Could they be worth it? Let's just say the word special here could not be more apt."

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5 stars - "Fresh and in a beautiful box!" by , Written on December 10, 2012
I read in TimeOut! about the best cinnamon rolls in Chicago and I was just waiting for the perfect occasion to order them. I had a Holiday Brunch this past weekend and placed my order for a dozen. They were delivered to my house that morning, fresh and in a beautiful box.
The presentation had nothing on the taste, though! I can confirm that these are FAR better than any cinnamon roll made at Ann Sather or anywhere else I have tried. They weren't too sweet or dense, but perfect! The cream cheese icing was a perfect compliment and I'm dying to know how she does it.
All my friends tried to eat just half, but we all ended up eating a whole one. As for me, I had two! And they're all asking me where I got them... Now we just have to wait for Christy Marie to start shipping and your holiday gifts will be done!

5 stars - "Best Cinnamon Rolls on Earth!" by , Written on October 15, 2012
Best Cinnamon Rolls on Earth! Rated #1 by Time Out magazine, & once you bite into one you'll know why!
So far, you have to order them in advance. Just go to her website. You won't be disappointed!
This morning, I ordered them for my office. I served them at 9AM. Now, it's 4:40 & everyone is still talking about them.

5 stars - "Amazing!!" by , Written on December 5, 2012
Amazing!! I just ordered them and am eating one right now! Cinnamon rolls are my favorite treat, and these are fantastic!! Will be ordering more and often. Yay!!!!

5 stars - "Worth every cent!" by , Written on October 26, 2012
Stand aside Ann Sather, there's a new Cinnamon Roll Queen in town! I can see why Timeout Magazine rated these cinnamon rolls #1 in Chicago. I recently ordered these for a special event in Lakeview and they were a super huge hit! Even some gluten-free folk tried them and raved.
Needless to say, they went rather quickly. They perfect amount of cinnamon and the cream cheese icing uses either real vanilla bean, or vanilla paste (equally as good!), and it makes the biggest difference in the world. Christy Marie will definitely be getting my business again. Worth every cent!

5 stars - "These Really Are The Best in Chicago" by , Written on November 26, 2012
YES. YES. YES. These are amazing. Unlike others I've tried, you can actually TASTE the cinnamon! The icing is perfect and I like that it comes separately so you can choose when and how much to put on. These are a must for any gathering. Or for just a Sunday morning. Fair warning: they are addictive!! Also, I love supporting local business and artisans. This is a great way to do it.
Updated November 30th
These really are the best in Chicago, as Time Out said. Ann Sathers can't compare to these. These are very rich and you can taste real cinnamon in them! You have to order them through her website, and then they are hand delivered to you. I love supporting small start-up businesses like these, too. You must try them!!

5 stars - "Amazing Cream Cheese Frosting" by , Written on November 30, 2012
The only thing more delicious than Christy Marie's Cinnamon Rolls is the amazing cream cheese frosting she tops them with.

5 stars - "These cinnamon rolls were fantastic!" by , Written on November 30, 2012
These cinnamon rolls were fantastic! Perfect density and not too sweet, but very rich. Nothing compares - order some today, you won't be sorry.

5 stars - "Best I've Ever Tried" by , Written on December 3, 2012
I brought Christy marries Cinnamon Rolls to a Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone raved about them!! They are absolutely the best I've ever tried. I thought there was going to be an altercation over the last Roll. I could eat the icing by itself, but it is so unique that it makes Christy Marie's even better. You've gotta try these.

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